Get to know our team

We thought of 24 random, fun questions to ask ourselves. See the answers below to learn more about what makes us tick :)


Favorite cuisine ?  

Loulwa: Arabic food all the way!  

Angela: Italian. All the pizza and pasta.


Favorite musical artist ?

L: Madonna has been my all time favorite

A: ^hahah you’re like my mom! Either Taylor Swift or Beyonce #basicaf


Favorite actor/actress ?

L: As of right now, Peter Dinklage aka Tyrion Lannister

A: Jennifer Lawrence!!


Favorite getaway destination ?

L: Somewhere I’ve never been to

A: There’s no place like Paris.


Favorite outdoor sport ?

L: The beach of course

A: Anything on the water


Favourite quote ?

L: “Everything happens for a reason”

A: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” - Eleanor Roosevelt


Favorite TV series ?

L: Very difficult question haha, I’m obsessed with watching shows! I’d say game of thrones as I’ve been watching it non-stop since I’ve started it two months ago!

A: Changes every season, but always comes back to Game of Thrones!


Favorite store ?

L: Urban Outfitters!

A: Is it bad if I say Adiff??


Go-to alcoholic beverage ?

L: Wine, yes kind of basic!

A: Cosmopolitan ;)


Go-to karaoke song ?

L: Lol, not into karaoke, but I guess ‘My Heart Will Go On’ by Celine Dion

A: I’m in a Britney mood, so definitely one of her early classics.


Go-to mobile app?

L: Venmo! I think the person who invented the app is a genius!

A: Google calendar (lame, sorry!), otherwise Instagram


Celebrity crush ?

L: Matthew Mcconaughey… ah I love him!

A: Ryan Gosling. Come on. Also still Jennifer Lawrence.


Guilty pleasure ?

L: Listening to Despacito

A: ^lol For me, Say Yes to the Dress re-runs


Dog or Cat ?

L: Dog all the way!!!



Fish, Meat or Chicken ?

L: Fish

A: I’m gunna say seafood, but not fish


Vanilla or Chocolate ?

L: Hmmm, recently, I’ve been opting for chocolate



Optimist or Pessimist ?  

L: Optimist for sure!

A: Realist? With a side of optimism. 


What chore do you absolutely hate doing?

L: The dishes

A: I never take out the trash.


What was the last movie, TV show or book that made you cry or tear up?

L: Game of Thrones!

A: Actually it was the “World of Coke” brand video, which IS ONLY shown at World of Coke in Atlanta. Don’t laugh at me. It’s beautiful.


What’s in your purse right now ?

L: Too many things, including, my phone charger, laptop, notebook… basically everything I need for work haha

A: Well I forgot my wallet this morning, but Burt’s Bees chapstick, headphones, a Moleskin journal, Swiss Watching by Diccon Bewes, a birthday card for my amazing nanny Stasia, Toms sunglasses, a bag of pistachios, a phone charger, Tide-To-Go, and a ton of pens.


Lunch with anyone dead/alive - who would it be & why?

L: Trump! Not because I support him, he cracks me up.

A: ^BOLD! You’re like Emmanuel Macron trying to change him at the G20 Summit. Maya Angelou because she is everything!!


What’s your pet peeve ?

L: Umm, I’d say when people don’t tidy up their mess

A: I’m a classic type A personality so I’ve got like a hundred pet peeves. But I’ll say when people aren’t prepared or show up late (or don’t show up at all!).


What are three words that describe you ?

L: Hmm not sure if my friends agree with me, but I’d say: 1) loud 2) sociable/outgoing 3) fun (hahah this is kind of embarrassing!)

A: Well my best friend calls me a tornado.... So I guess that has to be one hahaha but the others, I’d like to think passionate and changemaker!


What superpower would you want to have ?

L: Teleporting