Solution-Based Design

Using fashion and product design as tools to create innovative responses to the refugee crisis, while also creating awareness. With outerwear that is multifunctional and transformable, we can be sure to meet the needs of the wearer - whether it is for a casual hike in the woods, strolling through the city, or helping someone survive.


large tent jacket

A family sized tent that can fit up to 5 people (2 adults + 3 children) and is capable of transforming into a jacket and rolled bag.

small tent jacket

A couple's sized tent that can comfortably fit 2 people and is capable of transforming into a jacket and rolled bag.

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Backpack jacket

A backpack that unzips to become a cape that provides warmth.


Inflatable flotation

A life jacket you can wear on or off the boat. This retro-reflective sustainable jacket has an inflatable/deflatable panel used for flotation.

reflective reversible

Reflective on one side, camouflaging green on the other: choose when you want to be seen.

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child carrying

Never lose your child. This retro-reflective jacket has a removable child harness that can be put in the back or front.

sleeping bag jacket

Can be tied or styled hundreds of ways - this jacket expands to a sleeping bag or large blanket.