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your new everyday uniform

lifeline basics

Changing the way we buy basics, consume, and recycle - and finally closing the loop. When you buy from the lifeline collection, it comes along with a promise: whenever you are ready for a new one, you can swap it out for a lower price. Send us back the old one and we'll give it new life.

Our Process

Step 1


With the purchase of any basics, you're automatically enrolled into our upcycling program.

step 2


Anytime after one year, swap it for a discounted cost.

step 3


When you get your new piece, send back the old one in our reusable mailer so we can give it new life.

We will use your old piece to create new product—let's close the loop!

tank [black]


tank [white]


tshirt - pocket [black]


tshirt - pocket [white]