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our sourcing and manufacturing process

A human and world-centric way

We’re a mission-driven and vertically-integrated manufacturing platform based in Athens, GR that produces premium goods for our partners. We’re different because we use processes that are not only sustainable, but also empower refugees.

Disposable Fashion

The Existing System

1. Design

Brands create product on a trend-based system that are designed to cater to a temporary style that you won’t feel comfortable wearing next season.

2. Production

Products are made using environmentally detrimental practices and exploiting their labor force. Because they were designed based on a short term trend, they aren’t made to last and will see visible wear-and-tear after only being worn a few times.

3. Customer

You wear this piece either until it wears out, or is no longer in style

4. Trash

The garment is either donated or trashed. According to the EPA, the average American throws away 70 lbs of clothing each year.

The Adiff Process

A circular approach


We ideate one-of-a-kind, functional, and stylish pieces through rigorous user testing that you’re sure to love for longer.


Our garments are produced at our own manufacturing facility in Athens, GR that employs and empowers resettled refugees.


Props to you! You love this piece and wear it forever or(circumventing trash) send it back to us when it wears out and we will salvage ALLLLL the usable material and turn it into new product.

Waste Material

We collect what some people consider as “waste” material and design new pieces around it. The material is locally sourced, cleaned, and disassembled to be used as the raw material for our design and production processes.

The team


Production Manager

Dawood is a refugee from Afghanistan currently living in Athens, Greece with his wife and baby girl. In Afghanistan, Dawood worked with the U.S. government, which is how he first learned English. With no prior experience with sewing, Dawood has become the production manager of our sewing facility. He hopes to build a stable life so that he can provide for his wife and daughter.


Senior Tailor

Shafiq is a refugee tailor from Afghanistan who is currently living in Athens, Greece. He owned his own leather bag shop in Iran, but was not treated well by the government because he was a refugee. He hopes to open his own bag shop again and hire people within his community.


Junior Tailor

Zaher is a refugee tailor from Afghanistan currently living in Athens, Greece. As a professional tailor, he had his own shop back home making traditional Afghan clothing. His wife and three children are still living in Afghanistan. He wishes to provide for his family, and find a way for them to live together again.