We moved our company from the Northeast to Los Angeles. Here's what we learned:
Our Move
Putting Our Jackets and Values to the Test.
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epic journey
We had an amazing, yet challenging journey: our team decided to move from the Northeast to Los Angeles in November 2017.

We drove cross-country, camped out in our own Tent Jackets, and made meaningful human connections with the people we met along the way.

In Detroit, we visited an Iraqi family that lost everything to ISIS through the United States Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI). We visited another non-profit in Detroit called the Empowerment Plan, which hires previously homeless women to make sleeping bag coats for homeless people. In Denver, we visited another non-profit called We Made This, which is a training program designed for refugees in the Denver area, focusing on sewing skills and self-empowerment.

But just as any plan, there were bumps along the way. Here's the lessons the journey taught us:
1. Be prepared to adapt

2. Practice what you preach: live the brand

3. Road trips are long

4. Remember to have fun

5. Stop to admire the beauty around you

6. Make meaningful human connections