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Our start
I went to Parsons for fashion and had the intention of moving to Paris and becoming a couture designer.

That was until I learned more about the refugee crisis and wanted to focus on things other than custom-made clothes. At first, I thought there wasn't much I could do to help, which bothered me. So, I threw myself into learning everything about this crisis and discovered that clothing was actually playing a key role in the difference between life and death for refugees and homeless.

The idea that fashion can save lives sounds admittedly... ridiculous, but when we go back to the original purpose of clothing, it makes total sense. The world sees fashion as frivolous, when really it's creating a product that is a necessity. Yet there aren't many brands intentionally trying to help these people, and while donations of normal clothes are given with good intentions, they're not meeting the unique needs.

I created ADIFF because I saw the potential for fashion to be a vehicle for change, capable of providing life saving relief, while also discussing a major issue of our time. I wanted to integrate fashion with what's actually going on in the world, and design products that realize clothing's full capability. Clothing can meet the humanitarian need and further assist us in our daily lives, if it's designed right.
Angela Luna, Founder & CEO
What we value
What ADIFF's about is not putting together pieces of fabric in new ways. At our core, ADIFF believes that people with the heart of empathy, curiosity, passion, and adventure can go out and enable themselves to discover how to change the world for the better.

We believe that the people who step out of their own comfort zones are sometimes the best equipped to causing change, so our products are just here to help them go out there and experience something new.

We promise to:
1. design functional products that address specific needs
2. actively take steps to reduce our environmental impact
3. give back, always.
The crew
Angela Luna
Loulwa Al Saad
Marketing Director
Will Krol-Sinclair